Heartland Environmental Justice Center

A Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center



General trainings across the Region will include topics that are in high demand and have broad appeal, such as grant training, community needs assessments, civic engagement, and leadership development.  Targeted training topics for communities will be developed with community partners.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance will utilize experts across the region to support grant development and management, community needs assessments, engineering and technical services, education and outreach, environmental justice topics, and more.

Environmental Justice

The aim of all projects through this Center is to reduce barriers to prevent equitable access to local, state, and federal assistance and resources to improve environmental and energy justice or communities. 

Community Outreach

Through broad and targeted outreach, the Center will work with communities to ensure that community members can access information in the manner most appropriate to their needs.  Language, access to technology, and preferred communication methods will be integrated in community outreach and education projects.

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